Blackberry Bushes Producing Great Fruit


Are you looking for an outdoor activity thathe entire family cannjoy?

Throughout the month of August, the blackberry bushes in some ofhe more remote areas under the Rim are producing ripe fruit. This creates the perfect getaway for a couple of hours where everyone in the family can enjoy berry picking.


Trent and Brenna Winton proudly show off the berries they picked during a family outing east of Payson.

The key is to find the locations that have those bushes producing.his can be accomplished byocating live water running through a canyon or aear-round spring thatay have those thorny blackberry vines.

This can be a hit or miss event, so some preseason scouting can be advantageous. If you are out in the woods hiking, hunting or fishing, make a mental note when bushes are found.

If you are planning a trip to the berry patch, remember to dress accordingly. A long sleeve shirt and long pants are a must for protection from the thorns that always seem to be close to the best berries.earing one glove to move the vines when necessaryhilehe other free hand does the picking also protects from those scratches. Another hint to make your trip more enjoyable is to wear light hiking boot or shoeo improve your footingn theteep and sometimes slippery terrain.

Know where you are placing your next step so that you don't take a tumble because of a deadfall or a hole. Always keep in mind Arizona in the summer does mean there is always the possibility for a rattlesnake in these cooler damp places.

A coffee can with a makeshift handle can quickly be assembled at home so everyone can have a bucket.

Making it fun for everyoneith a fresh berry pie as the prize may be enough of a reward for a spur of the moment trip to the woods.

Friendly competition of filling the can first might reduce the temptation of eating the berries while one picks. But, that seldom works for me because I love to eat fresh berries!

It's the month of August and the berries are ripe, so plan ahort trip to the woods that everyone in the family can enjoy. The reward will be far more than just blackberries.

This weekend enjoy the Arizona outdoors, God's creation.

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