Solar And Wind Does Not Work As A Power Source



The suitability of wind and solar as electrical power sources can be described in one word -- California.

Since the 1970s, California spurred by federal and state tax credits, pursued wind and solar electrical power generation as a major component of their "hybrid" energy system. California has defiled thousands of acres with windmill gargoyles and solar scabs.

In 1996, wind produced 1.2 percent of California energy, solar 0.2 percent. In 2006, wind produced 1.5 percent, solar 0.2 percent. The result is a mix of blackouts, rolling brownouts, and purchase from out-of-state of 22 percent of their electricity demand (28 percent if their out-of-state coal-fired plants were counted as out-of-state, instead of in-state).

If wind and solar were viable energy sources, after 30 years of investing in those energy forms, California, self-proclaimed "... energy trendsetter for most of the globe ..." and "... energy laboratory for the world" would be selling electricity to their neighbors, not buying from them.

Bottom line: Solar and wind do not work.

Advocates can make all the bogus claims of efficiency and sufficiency, bloated conversion factors, camouflaging of real costs, drown themselves in wishful thinking, "if it feels good, do it" and something-for-nothing scenarios they wish. The absolute, incontrovertible fact remains that California has proven that solar and wind power sources are synonymous with fraud.

What might suffice for a house, except for when the wind doesn't blow for a couple of days, or night happens, especially followed by a day or two of clouds or rain or snow, or dust storms, or when the house requires the power to operate a refrigerated air conditioner in the summertime, will not work for a state's energy demands. In fact, it's not even that good for a house, since those conditions put the house right back on the true power grid.

Since power companies (with the exception of California) must have a grid supply able to meet demand when those solar/wind-averse conditions occur, it should be obvious that every penny spent on solar and wind systems is a complete waste, and would be better spent on the true, clean, efficient, dependable, consistent, environmentally-friendly energy produced by nuclear power plants.

One must view any bureaucrat, politician, political party, or presidential candidate that advocates the California energy model (emphasizing solar and wind, instead of nuclear) for the nation is ignorant, technically incompetent, or deliberately promoting an energy policy doomed to failure.

Terry Putnam


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