Why The Y?



What gives here? It's apparent the public has had enough of the town council wanting to give away any of town park property to any business group. If they want to build their YMCA, why not simply ask these innocents to purchase their own property and build their YMCA?

There seems to be some sort of urgency or agenda to build this Y now. Like that old sales pitch, "you must do it now or you will miss the deal of your life." I say horse pucky to these people and the horse they rode in on and the dog that followed them.

Our present economy is in trouble and it makes no sense to challenge the system at this time. This also pertains to all these other similar projects like the rodeo junk, Main Street and etc.

It appears this council has adapted that stupid Nancy Pelosi attitude, "no vote as we must save the planet." This is the manner Nancy Pelosi and her fellow wackos operate when things don't go her way. She cares less what the public wants, it's what she wants. I see a similar situation with the council. Let the public vote on the Y issue now. Don't be another Nancy Pelosi type.

This is no time to challenge our uncertain economic times, when there are so little finances of town money to go around. This could end up a financial disaster for us taxpayers long after this council has gone down the road.

If the YMCA people are so confident that the majority of Payson's residents approve the Y's building by their own poll, then why should they fear a public vote? Nancy Pelosi all over again.

Ed Welge

Editor's Note: The YMCA is not a business, it is a nonprofit organization. Also the YMCA was asked to come to Payson several years ago by the Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation, another nonprofit. The town would not be paying the YMCA anything to build the facility, but would provide the land under a long-term lease.

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