Feature Teacher


Name: Cathy Stevens

School and subjects taught: Payson Elementary School, Kindergarten


Cathy Stevens

College degree and major: Bachelors, Elementary Education

Years Teaching: 30

Why do you teach? To witness the tremendous educational growth in nine months, plus the humorous things children say.

Personal motto/words of wisdom: Enjoy every sunrise and sunset each day.

Family: My wonderful husband, Wendell, and two great sons, Eric and Keith.

Pet peeve: Irresponsible behavior in people.

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Reading interesting books, travel, family activities.

Person in history you'd most like to meet and why: Theodore Roosevelt because he was a great family man besides all of his outstanding contributions as president. He had a lot of good values and character.

Why Payson? Wonderful small town atmosphere to raise children. Plus, my husband had to have four seasons.

In school, who was your favorite teacher and why? My mother because she instilled in me a love of learning.

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