Let The Voters Decide Fate Of The Ymca



When the American colonies decided to break from England one of the reasons was over the issue of being taxed without having a say in the matter. The rallying cry of the day was "No taxation without representation" and the colonies went to war over the issue. When our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States they were well aware of the importance of allowing the people the right to vote. This has been a tradition and "right" of the U.S. citizens ever since our country was founded, something that many other countries do not have.

So when a group or organization goes to court to try to stop the voters of a town from exercising their "right" to vote on an issue that will take money out of their pocket, there are questions that must be answered.

If the Valley of the Sun YMCA believes that many citizens support building a Y in Rumsey Park, as they state, why would they not want the citizens to vote and show that support? If 1,500 voters signed petitions in three weeks asking for a referendum on the Rumsey Park Y isn't it a sign that taxpayers want to express their opinion?

If the supporters of the Valley of the Sun YMCA are willing to go to court to STOP the voters from voting on the plan what are they saying to the citizens? Is there something in their plan that we don't know about or they don't want us to know about? How many of us really know the details of the proposed lease? Would not a referendum bring out the details of the lease so everyone could decide on the merits and REAL cost to the town and what would we be giving up?

The present town council, to their credit, seeing the wisdom of voter participation, took the necessary steps to place the referendum on the November ballot so each of us could vote on the $5 to $6 million issue. For what reasons would the Valley YMCA want to void that effort? Does the Y really believe the voters in Payson are so misinformed that they would base their vote only on the wording of "friends..."?

Let's start doing our homework to get these questions answered and not let a lawsuit stop us from exercising our right to vote. Let's hear a rallying cry of

"No taxation without representation' -- "No YMCA without representation"

Let the voters of Payson decide. Let's work for what works best for Payson.

Tom Loeffler

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