Rain And Humidity Getting Out Of Hand


It is beginning to feel like we are living back in Pittsburgh again.

I cannot believe the amount of rain we have had the last two months, not to mention the humidity. What happened to our nice afternoon rain we used to get during the monsoons? Now it is like torrential downpours every day.

I have been on Highway 260 twice when I almost had to pull over because the rain was so heavy you couldn't see in front of you, but on the other hand the forest sure is green.

A reminder from Chief Electra VanEckhoutte of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department:

On July 21 at approximately 6 p.m., Christopher Creek received two and a half inches of rain in less than one hour. They had flooding in the area of Christopher Creek. Several properties received damage from the flooding creek and some had to be evacuated.

The fire department would like to remind residents in the area to watch for such an event and to move to higher ground if necessary.

  • Don't try to cross-flooded crossings such as the car wash area.
  • Do not allow your children or pets to play near the water during a flooding event.
  • Please call 911 if you are unable to get out of your residence to higher ground.

• Please be alert and be safe.

Don't forget the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association fall election is coming up and you will need to have your nomination form turned in to Chuck Schmitt by Sept. 1.

Ballots will need to be prepared and mailed to members by Sept. 30. Ballots must then be returned by Oct. 18 so results can be announced at the Oct. 25 meeting.

All three current officers' terms are up. Anderson and Thornton have indicated that they are not interested in continuing as officers.

So, it is your job to think about someone willing, eager and able to lead CCHA. Seek their permission, write their name on the form and send it to Chuck before the deadline.


Susan Hepworth will be celebrating another birthday on Aug. 23.

Lorna Aschbrenner of Hunter Creek will be adding another candle to her cake on Aug. 24. Lorna was this year's star of the melodrama. She played sweet Nellie.

Michael Olson of Colcord Estates will have another birthday on Aug. 28, as will Paul Kovisto of Hunter Creek.

Jarve Sellers of Hunter Creek will be celebrating and adding another candle to his cake on Aug. 29 and Dave Ezzell will be celebrating on Aug. 30.

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