Archery Hunting Season For Bear, Deer, Antelope, Turkey Starting


Believe it or not, the 2008 hunting season begins today with archery antelope, bear,eer and turkeyeing the first in a series of hunts.

The antelope tags are by draw only for a very few lucky hunters who were selected by the lottery this past spring.


Caleb Miller downed this nice-sized buck while archery hunting.

For the rest of us, an archery deer, bear or turkeyag can be purchased over the counter forhe local units in the Rim Country.

The generous three-week season for deer gives most hunters the opportunity to plan a multiple day hunt in the fair weather conditions of late summer.

Keep in mind the monsoon season is still with us, so it is likely thunderstorms can make camping a little soggy, so plan accordingly.

Wet weather can actually be a benefit to the archers who enjoy the spot and stalk technique. Theyan glass a buck at a distance and then approach the animal downwind attempting to be very quiet and out of sight of the game.

A deer's sense of smell, sight, and hearing are very keenhich can be a real challenge to the most seasoned archery hunters. The ultimate goal is to be within range of a comfortable bow shot.

The distance at which you practice should determine the shot that will be taken in the field. With the technology in archery equipment improving every year, shots of 60, 70 and even 80 yards are becoming normal for some bowhunters. Remember, practice makes the difference and that preparation is vital in the planning stages of the hunt.

Having two left feet in the woods does not lend itself to the spot and stalk technique. So if you are concerned about making too much noise as I am, then find a spothe deer are frequenting and place a stand. This requires some preseason scouting which is vital in the planning stages of any big-game hunt.

Besides being quiet in the stalk, it is also important to have the wind in your face when you approach that animal.

A eer has the ability to detect unnaturalmells in the woods which include soaps and deodorants of all kinds. It is well worth the time to get up a bit earlier and shower with unscented soaps made for archery hunters.

Masking all human odor is a tall order, but every trick should be used to outwit that cagey buck.

A bottle of masking odorsprayed generously over your clothes can be very beneficial. As I walk to my treestand I commonly rub cedar branches or dirt on my outer clothing in hopes of covering every possible human smell.

Another worthwhile investment would be scent lock clothing which keeps the human odor from escaping into the wind currents.

Theseamouflaged patterns that are on the market are getting better with each new hunting season. A hunter can blend in with the surrounding vegetation when on the stand.

Whether it is a ground blind or a tree stand, the keys are to be comfortable, quiet, and alert! It seems that deer can walk by and not even make a sound. I have had numerous bucks startle meo the point that Iasn't even able to make a shot. It can all happen so fast, so be ready.

The planning and anticipation of a new hunting season is hard to beat.

Enjoy your fall hunts in the Arizona outdoors, God's creation.

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