Are You A Believer, Too?


The seams are bursting at Payson Humane Society. We have dogs and cats of every size and color. We've had the biggest year ever as far as people turning in their own animals, as well as a huge amount of unclaimed strays.

But we didn't earn the reputation as "The little shelter that could" for nothing. At PHS, we believe. We believe in little old dogs with no teeth and we believe in older adult cats with no claws. We believe in Mommy dogs with 10 puppies and we believe in tiny orphan babies without mommies.

We believe that if we can just hold on long enough that there is a place in this world for each of these beautiful creatures. We believe that if we continue to work hard enough to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering as a way to reduce these numbers, that someday everyone will understand.

We believe that if we can hang in there just a little while longer, that we will finally be moving into the new building that will make caring for this community's unwanted animals so much easier.

Yes, some days at PHS we do feel as though the sky is falling. e even sometimes feel like maybe we should just give up. But then we look into the faces of all those sweet animals, and we realize we can't give up. They are counting on us. They BELIEVE in us.

There are many ways that you can help. If you'd like more information on upcoming events such as the dance in September, the chili supper in November, or how to get your animal's picture in the 2009 PHS calendar, give us a call at (928) 474-5590 or come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road, or look us up the Web at or

Bear is a 3-year-old neutered male Shepherd mix. Bear was on the verge being homeless after his last outing with a skunk. He was brought into the shelter by a considerate person who thought he might have a chance of finding a home from the Payson Humane Society. He is a handsome guy, and his face does look somewhat like a bear. He will definitely need some obedience training because he also likes to run as often as he can. Bear has a great personality with humans and other dogs. He just has one or two obstacles to overcome. Please come in and meet him; he may be the perfect dog for you.


Boogey is a 1-year-old male tan Shepherd mix. As a puppy, he was adopted from the Payson Humane Society. He recently was returned because his owner is ill and can't care for him. Boogey is good with other dogs and loves people. He is food aggressive, and will need to be fed separately if you have other dogs. When adopted, Boogey will receive one free training lesson in his adoption packet. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about how to deal with certain issues like food aggression. Please come and meet Boogey. He would like to have a chance at a forever home.


Hi out there! My name is Diesel. I'm a neutered 8-month-old Mastiff mix. I've got a nice tan coat that is short in length so I don't take much grooming. I have a great personality, I like all humans and get along with all the other dogs at the shelter. I would make a great pet for an active family because, just like my name, I'm a mover. I would love to go on long hikes, camp overnight and play with any other dogs you might have. Mostly I would like to have a human for my best friend. One that would take on a lifelong commitment to keep me forever. Please come and visit me at the shelter. We have a great play yard out back that we can meet in. I also come with one free training lesson.


My name is Jasmine, but all my friends call me Jazzie. I am part hound and pure love. I am 4 years old and ended up here because I was found as a stray. However, if you take me home, I will promise you my unfailing loyalty. I love to run and play, but since I have experienced motherhood, I have some level of maturity and good behavior that will only improve with your patience and training. I have been spayed and vaccinated, so just say the word and I will pack my bag today.


Meredith was found as a stray in Gisela and brought to the shelter by a very caring person. She is a spayed female black Heeler about 1 year old. Meredith is a very active girl who will need some training to understand her role as the dog in your home. She is very friendly and gets along well with the other dogs at the shelter. When adopted, Meredith will have one free training lesson that should help get you started with her obedience. Please come and meet Meredith at the shelter; she will be waiting.


Rocky got his name because he really got off to a rocky start. He was found on Highway 87 along with his mom and six other puppies. What a lucky day for them when a kindhearted citizen stopped and picked them all up and brought them to the shelter. Rocky is now about 17 weeks old, is neutered and current with shots. Rocky is a Catahoula Hound mix. He is very shy to strangers but warms up once you spend some time with him. He needs a forever home so that he can learn to trust and love his human caregivers. He likes other dogs and loves to play. Rocky will need to be adopted to a patient person who will help him learn leash training and doggie boundaries. Please come and meet Rocky at the shelter. He deserves a second chance.

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