Mayor, Town Council Should Think Twice Before Partnering With ‘Y'



I don't understand why the Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation is even bringing the YMCA into the mix.

Why not give the $5 million plus they think they can raise (I have my doubts in this economy) directly to our Payson Parks and Recreation Department? The parks and rec could improve Taylor Pool themselves and have years of operating costs taken care of. The Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation could have given some of that money to the Payson Unified School District to include a full court, wood floor basketball court in the new Julia Randall school building (the full court was not included due to cost, not building size constraints). All Payson residents would have had access to this facility.

Why tear down more beautiful ponderosa pine trees at Rumsey Park, and pave over more of our "paradise"? What happens to the property if the YMCA doesn't get enough memberships to support it, and the town can't afford to manage it? More vacant property in Payson?

Will the now affordable Payson Parks and Rec programs go away because they are also offered at the "Y"? I can currently afford the parks and rec youth and adult programs and a membership at a local athletic club, but I don't think I could afford a family YMCA membership and all the extra fees for their special programs. I've seen other YMCA program listings. The membership dues are not all inclusive!

I urge the current mayor and town council to think twice before agreeing to any long-term partnership with the YMCA. If the "Y" wants into our town so bad, let them fully support themselves, land included!

Sue Becker

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