Proven Measurement Of Water Capacity Needed



We came across an April 11, 1997ummary report from the Pine-Strawberry Community Advisory Committee about water production capability improvements. Mesa del Caballo showed a 213 percent net improvement in capacity, Pine a 133 percent net improvement in capacity, and Strawberry a 194 percent improvement in net capacity. There appeared to be no shortage of water 10 years ago.
If someone would come up with an honest, scientifically proven measurement of the current water capacities in these communities, and publish them, then we can makeetter decisions about our water company, water boards and water users.
I'm afraid much of what I'veead the last few years about wateray have been influencedy power, control,rowth and evenersonal bias toward some individuals in the community than by objective statistics, projections and recommendations for the bestse of water by the current residents.

Gerald Reynolds

Joan Smith


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