Arson Charge Made At Rv Park


A Jake's Corner man reportedly backed his van into a neighbor's awning and then threw a firebomb onto the porch last Monday night.

John Henry Ragsdale, 61, was arrested on charges of arson, criminal damage and endangerment at Jakes Corner RV Park, said Gila County Sheriff's Lt. Tim Scott.

The neighbor said he watched Ragsdale back his van into a tree. He then asked Ragsdale why he hit the tree and the two got into an altercation, Scott said.

The neighbor was pushed down and he went back into his house, he said.

Ragsdale then reportedly drove his van into the man's porch awning, said Scott.

The neighbor heard something hit his awning and when he looked outside, he saw something burning on his porch. Ragsdale had reportedly thrown a firebomb-type device on the man's porch, said Scott.

The fire was put out quickly. The neighbor had multiple cuts and scrapes, said Scott.

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