Ymca Is A Big Win For The Town



I would like to respond to a few points raised in the article entitled "Let the voters decide the fate of the YMCA," which appeared in your paper on Aug. 19.

1. No taxation without representation? I seem to recall an election within the past few months in which we elected a mayor and council members to represent us. I guess we elected them to represent us unless we disagree with them!

2. "So when a group or organization goes to court to try to stop the voters of a town from exercising their right to vote on an issue that will take money out of their pocket, there are questions that must be answered."

Response: I wonder from whose pocket is the money coming? The last time I looked nearly $6 million was going to be invested to remodel Taylor Pool and construct recreational amenities adjacent to it. The land on which Taylor Pool and the new facilities set, belong to the Town of Payson and will continue to belong to the town in perpetuity. The idea is to utilize the pool and the new facility to enhance recreational opportunities for the people of Payson I can't see where anybody will lose in this proposition.

3. If the supporters of the Valley of the Sun YMCA are willing to go to court to stop the voters from voting on the plan what are they saying to the citizens? Is there something in their plan that we don't know about or they don't want us to know about?

How many of us really know the details of the proposed lease? Response: I have no doubt that anyone who can read and will take the time to read the lease terms will understand, what is being proposed by the YMCA.

In closing, Mr. Editor, I will point out that the YMCA's actions with regard to the referendum vote need no defense from me.

A judge has ruled that the anti-YMCA group broke the law by collecting petitions as an illegal committee. How could any of us stand by and say that one group should not be required to follow the all of the proper legal procedures for putting the YMCA approval to a public vote? The penalty here is clear -- the group gathered signatures illegally and so those petitions must be thrown out. If the Supreme Court determines that the election should go forward in November, then so be it.
The Town's plan to bring the YMCA to Payson is a big win for the community and I believe that a majority in Payson will come out and support this facility on election day.

Bill L. Ensign, President, Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation

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