Payson Volleyball Invitational Rescheduled


If you're one of the boosters clutching a Lady Longhorn volleyball schedule that shows the Payson Invitational scheduled for Aug. 29 and 30, toss the agenda into the circular file.

The tournament will not be played on the dates originally listed, rather it has been moved to Sept. 5 and 6.

Payson High School athletic director Jason Lobik said the tournament dates had to be moved to allow Class 2A, 4A and 5A schools to participate.

Since the 3A conference starts preseason practices one week earlier than other school size classifications, on Aug. 4 rather than Aug. 11, the competition week -- or first games -- also starts a week earlier.

So, 3A schools are allowed to play Aug. 29 and 30 but other size classifications cannot.

"Actually Page pointed it out to us," Lobik said. "We could have gone ahead on those dates or changed it.

"(Coach) Arnold (Stonebrink) decided to change it because he wanted the other schools here."

Also on the volleyball schedule, the playing sites for East region home and away games against Round Valley have flip-flopped.

Payson will now travel to Round Valley on Sept. 30 rather than playing at home as originally scheduled. On Oct. 16, Payson hosts Round Valley in Wilson Dome.

Other changes could be in the works.

"Blue Ridge has requested changing home and away, but I have not heard back from their AD to confirm," Lobik said.

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