Plenty Of Job Opportunities Await Students



Michael Wood investigated career opportunities with the Payson Fire Department during Career Day Aug. 27 at Payson High School.

Despite the rough economic times, students and employers said at Payson High School's senior Career Day Wednesday that getting a job is still possible.

"We have students who get hired before graduating," said Wyotech admissions representative Roland Diaz.

Diaz said employers are looking for students who are current on new technology, so they do not have to train them.

Although most Wyotech campuses are in California, the Wyotech job database includes multiple Payson employers, he said.

Students curious about job prospects in town, found multiple employers available, including Payson Police and Fire.

Patrol Officer Joni Varga said currently 11 Payson High graduates work on the force.

Varga is a 1980s graduate who started with the police as a dispatcher and worked her way up to officer.

Varga said many high school graduates move out of town because there are no jobs available besides retail and fast food.

Working for the police is a great job with great benefits, she said. After 20 years of service, you can retire.

Sgt. John Heflin said for students interested in police work, they should go on a four-hour ride-along with an officer to get a feel for the job.

"It would be good to get kids from high school joining the Payson Police force," Heflin said. Kim Nyhus, 17, said she thinks it would be easy to get a job in town, if you know what you want to do.

"I think this is beneficial for kids who want careers that are here," Nyhus said. "I don't really benefit from it." Nyhus said she wants to go into childcare, which was not represented at the career fair.

Joe Parone, business teacher, said many teens have no idea what they want to do after high school.

"If one kid walks out of here with an idea, then it has been successful," Parone said of the career fair.

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