Western Climate Initiative Needs Watching



Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have been growing dramatically in Arizona. Our state's emissions of carbon dioxide, a leading contributor to global warming, have grown by 464 percent since 1960.

In Arizona, some of the most serious consequences of global warming is how it increases drought, increases rates of serious wildfires, and is likely to lead to longer and more severe pollution alerts and more heat related deaths, illness and disease.

Through the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), Arizona has a chance to lead the way with real global warming solutions. But we need to make sure that the WCI sets a course of action that is both aggressive and practical.

As it finalizes its recommendations, the WCI and Gov. Janet Napolitano should adopt a plan that covers all pollution sources; allows for the auction of excess-pollution permits; invests the revenue from pollution permits on clean energy solutions; has strong standards for pollution offsets; and is enforceable, transparent and free from loopholes.

David Rogers

Environment Arizona

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