It Was All About Pilgrims, Turkeys



Tom Brossart/Roundup

Payson Elementary School first-grade students performed a Thanksgiving- themed play to the delight of other students, teachers, parents and grandparents last week.


Tom Brossart/Roundup

Ciara Williams is all smiles as she waves to a relative in the crowded room last week before taking part in a Thanksgiving play put on by first-graders at Payson Elementary School. Alison Armstead is next to Ciara.


Tom Brossart/Roundup

Relatives and friends attending the Payson Elementary School’s first-grade play were recording the event with their digital cameras last Tuesday afternoon.


Tom Brossart/Roundup

Dylan Isit is happy as he reacts to the crowd of onlookers.

Pilgrims, Native Americans and turkeys converged last Tuesday afternoon at Payson Elementary School as three first-grade classes performed a series of Thanksgiving skits.

Riddles aplenty puzzled the adult audience in one skit. Why do turkeys eat so little? ’Cause they’re always stuffed, of course.

Wearing costumes made mostly with construction paper, the first-graders performed for an adoring audience which squeezed into first-grade-sized chairs and held requisite camcorders.

Students wore colorful paper feathers and paper pilgrim hats with yellow buckles. Student turkeys dressed in brown sweatsuits and flounced about in red, orange and yellow paper that was folded accordion style.

Turkeys escaped from pens, pilgrims sang and all rejoiced.

In one skit, first-graders portrayed native generosity when those dressed as Native Americans offered sustenance to the pilgrims who initially expressed skepticism of the natives’ intentions.

“What if they attack us?” wondered a pilgrim.

“I don’t want to see you starve,” a Native American told them.

Students also spelled Thanksgiving with large lettered signs during another skit, using the letters to jump-start poetic lines like, “G is for Grandma, the one I love the most.”

During the finale, students sang “God Bless America” and surely warmed not a few hearts.

After the play, parents present were permitted to take their children home. An early school dismissal — now that is something for which to be thankful.


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