Wood Turner Bowls Over Viewers With Beauty



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Master wood turner Curt Harp creates exquisite bowls utilizing a variety of common and exotic woods, which vary greatly in color. Harp’s work is at Artist of the Rim Gallery in Payson.


Dick Wolfe photo


Dick Wolfe photo

Sandy Pendleton, who specializes in fused glass, is the newest member of the Artists of the Rim Gallery.

Master wood turner Curt Harp, 79, has been busy at his art since the Harps moved to Pine in 1998. Prior to that and living in Tempe, Harp was a wood worker most of his adult life and, in fact, made most of the furniture in his beautiful home. He also dabbled in wood carving and just about anything else constructed of wood.

After moving to Pine, he focused on wood turning and now creates exquisite bowls utilizing a variety of common and exotic woods, which vary greatly in color.

“I take about eight hours to create a bowl, so my prices do not nearly reflect the effort that goes into them,” Harp said.

Prior to retirement Harp was a meat cutter working for Food City for 46 years, and he has a few scars to prove it.

Harp’s wife, Wanda, is evidence that creativity runs in the family, as she paints in oils, acrylics and pastels. Several of her paintings decorate their home and reflect considerable talent. When asked why she does not sell them she exclaimed, “I couldn’t stand to have someone turn me down on a sale.”

Both Wanda and Curt share their art with their family.

To create his unique bowls, Harp utilizes a “Grizzly” brand lathe, which is designed for precision work such as in making musical instruments. He also uses a band saw, sanders, miter saws, a planer and some custom tools he created.

“I create the bowls by first making rings of different types of wood, then stacking and joining them together before turning them on the lathe,” Harp explained. “I enjoy the work so much that sales are not that important to me,” he said.

His intricate pieces of art can be seen and purchased at the Artists of the Rim Gallery, 408 W. Main St. in Payson.

New artist joins Main Street gallery

Payson’s first co-op fine art gallery welcomed its newest partner Sunday, Nov. 23. Sandy Pendleton’s art is now on display and for sale at the Artists of the Rim Gallery, 408 W. Main St.

Pendleton’s art is fused or kiln glass and comes in very diverse colors and designs.

“I’ve been producing fused glass for five years and am now teaching the art form,” Pendleton said.

“In my earlier years I traveled Europe and was very impressed with the beautiful stained glass I saw, so when I came home, I began working in it.”

Later she saw what could be done with fused glass and decided to move into that medium, as it allows one to be more creative. Pendleton’s shop is at home, where she works 16 to 20 hours a week using four kilns.

“My husband, Mike, is very supportive, even giving me part of his garage for my studio,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton also displays her art at a co-op in Pinetop.


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