Ethics And The Law



It is very disturbing to read about the extortion techniques that have been promoted by town government on developers and those attempting to develop their property before issuing permits.

On one hand we complain that our children are not acquiring the behavior that we want and expect, while on the other hand we are promoting unethical behavior through our own actions. On numerous occasions there have been articles about behavior that is questionable where the challenged group or person states that it is not illegal. Just what does legal have to do with doing the right thing, which most of us call ethical behavior?

If you consider when rules, laws, ordinances, policies, etc. are created, you will notice that they are established when society has decided that it can tolerate no more. This makes these rules, laws, ordinances, policies, etc. the lowest acceptable level of performance; something like receiving a “D - 60 percent” grade in school. Ethical behavior is “A” performance; the law is “D” performance.

If we as a town are going to promote and advocate “D” performance from ourselves, then there is no way our children are going to perform at “A” level.

It is time to “Walk the Talk.” It is time for all of us to perform to the standards that we expect from our children. We are the adults. We are expected to lead and set the proper example for our children. Just what is proper about extortion? Oh! I am sure someone will try to explain that it was not a requirement, but the article doesn’t seem to support that argument.

Illegal or not, it is unethical from any person’s viewpoint and all of the past extorted money should be returned with a formal apology to the victims. This type of behavior is shameful and casts a very negative light on Payson.

Richard Meyer, Jr.


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