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The company I worked for, recently changed hands. Everyone was eliminated from their job. I went from $3,300 take home per month to $960. This is what Arizona Unemployment’s Maximum Weekly Benefit represents. With this ridiculous benefit amount, after paying one’s normal bills, truck payment and insurance and gas, the amount remaining is about $400.

This amount covers half of my rent, not including the additional utilities. I guess the animals don’t eat, nor do I. Now I do not know of any place a person can live in this entire U.S. for $400 per month. I am a single, 50-year-old woman, therefore I do not have a partner who kisses you on your forehead and says, “Honey don’t worry, I told you I would take care of you when I married you.” I also don’t have 2.3 kids, which would automatically make me eligible for housing. Obviously, the state and federal programs don’t allow single people with no children to struggle.

The reason I am writing this letter is to let everyone know that, if our economy stays the course it has been, there are going to be a lot of homeless people with a ton of unpaid bills. Not everyone has a family or support system, that is willing to provide for them while they are busy looking for a job. And the job market is pretty slim, even in the Valley, not to mention the cost of fuel to go on job interviews.

So I have two options, live in the streets of Phoenix, or live in the streets of Payson. Was wondering, just where does a homeless person live in the city of Payson without getting arrested. In conclusion, I have lived in Payson for 15 years and have worked every day of my life. I have (two) Macaws, a dog and everything I own for sale, should anyone be interested.

Katherine M. Bennett


Soul2Soular 8 years, 1 month ago

Is there any way of finding out how to get ahold of Ms. Bennett?


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