Pine, Strawberry Water Company Purchase Is Necessary



If you listen to the propaganda from Robert Hardcastle’s mouthpieces (Brooke Utilities) and do not attend the PSWID and community meetings, you are not receiving all the truth of one of the most critical issues that our respective communities has ever been challenged with.

The opposition get their information directly from Hardcastle, and merely repeat what they are told. Sam Schwalm does not have experience in finance, business or utilities, yet he finds it necessary to detour facts in an effort to prevent the goal of purchasing Pine, Strawberry water companies. His position is that he is not against the purchase itself, but says we should pay more than what the appraised value is.

If you do not understand the reason for purchasing the water companies, compare it to buying your home versus renting.

As an owner, you build equity and you have the option to decide what to repair, remodel or leave alone for the time being. Whereas if you rent your home, you’re only lining the pockets of your landlord, and repairs, maintenance and other improvements are at your landlord’s sole discretion.

If you are a homeowner, you build equity in your home, and it increases in value. If you rent, you get no equity. It is the same with our water company. Our dollars are going outside of our community while we are being treated as third-class citizens.

I certainly am for owning our own company, and building equity.

Cindy Maack


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