Accident Closes Beeline For Hours



Bing Brown

Concerned citizens look on as they wait for emergency responders to arrive at the scene of an accident on the Beeline Highway, across from the slide area.

A Dodge pickup truck collided with the back end of tractor-trailer Thursday afternoon on Highway 87, pinning the passenger inside and blocking the road for several hours.

The black pickup struck the back end of a semi-truck, near the south end of the landslide area on Highway 87 in the northbound lane around 2:30 p.m., Dec. 11.

Beaver Valley resident Bing Brown said he arrived at the scene shortly after it happened, before any emergency personnel arrived. Brown said he saw two elderly people in the truck and the passenger was trapped inside and was only semi-conscious.

The driver of the semi-truck appeared uninjured and the bumper of the semi-truck was hanging loosely from the left side, Brown said.

Brown said several other people stopped to check on the pair, including three nurses.

The highway was closed for several hours as Department of Public Safety personal worked to clear the wreck and transport the injured.


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