Conservation Commission Looking For New Members


What’s a conservation commission to do when it can barely preserve itself?

The staffers at the office of Tourism and Economic Vitality are scratching their heads trying to think of ways to attract more volunteers for the Historic Preservation and Conservation Commission.

“In order to have a meeting, it would be nice to have the vacancies filled,” said Cathy Boone, project manager for the office of Tourism and Economic Vitality.

The commission, which is scheduled to meet at least four times a year, hasn’t met in more than a year and has several open seats on the board.

The committee was scheduled to meet Monday afternoon, but the meeting was canceled after several members canceled, Boone said.

Recruiting qualified members is proving almost as hard as reinventing Main Street.

“We are looking for anyone who has volunteered in the past, lives within town and has an interest in state preservation,” Boone said. “Someone who knows about the history of the area.”

The commission, established in August of 2000, is primarily responsible for implementing historic preservation programs and preserving the historical significance of the town. The group identifies historic properties and areas, suggests ways to preserve them and seeks grants.

The commission acts in an advisory capacity to the mayor and council about historical significance, design review and other issues.

To volunteer for the committee, contact the Office of Tourism and Econom


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