The K2 Dance



Dale Oestmann is a local Realtor, and I wonder where he got his information for his Dec. 9 (letter to the editor)? I suppose most Realtors would benefit with a water company controlled by PSWID and unregulated by ACC, which tries to balance demand with the water resources available. But there was no profit for any of the recalled board members in passing the K2 Deep Well agreement. If you claim that we knowingly withheld the truth or lied, make a formal legal charge against us.

The past board worked very hard to develop what they thought was the best alternative for the district, not what was the best for BUI. Any agreement is a compromise between the parties, but we considered the district got the advantage, and the language was protected by a very good lawyer working for PSWID. That is why the K2 Deep Well agreement was unanimously approved by the board. If some members later claimed they were unaware of the BUI peer review reports, then they were either absent or asleep at the November 2006 regular board meeting.

Dale is apparently unaware that the shallow aquifer in Strawberry is different and more productive than the shallow aquifer in Pine. This is one reason why Strawberry did not have serious water hauling needs until recently, while the drought in Pine has caused shortages for several years. Also, from all available hydrogeologic studies (including the recent geophysical survey), the deep aquifer under Strawberry is more likely to have greater areal extent, higher water yield potential, and higher water quality than the deep aquifer under Pine.

Dale says the “K2 well in Strawberry is a crap shoot at best, according to the hydrogeologists ...” Which hydrogeologists drew this conclusion? One hydrologist analyzed all reports (including the peer review reports) and concludes the deep aquifer under the K2 Site has a good or reasonable water yield potential.

My response to Cindy Maack’s (letter in the same issue) is that we had expert financial, legal and business advice in forming the agreement. Unless you’re very rich, it is more economical renting a room than buying the whole castle.

Wes Suhr


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