Beeline Highway Accident Takes California Woman’S Life


The passenger in a Thursday afternoon accident on Highway 87 near the landslide area has died.

Judith Paige, 67, of California, died shortly after emergency personal removed her from a Dodge pickup truck and flew her to a Scottsdale area hospital, said DPS Officer Steve Montgomery.

“From what I have heard, she passed in flight,” Montgomery said.

Paige and her 35-year-old daughter were heading to Payson to look at an Akita dog they found on the Internet for sale.

They were supposed to meet up with the seller in the Safeway parking lot, the officer said.

Paige’s daughter was driving the black pickup when it collided with the back end of a semi-truck, near milepost 224, in the northbound lane around 2:20 p.m., Dec. 11.

Montgomery said the semi-truck was heading north in the slow lane when the Dodge truck came around the corner and, not having enough time to pass the semi, ran right into the bumper.

The driver of the semi said there were no other cars around blocking the passing lane.

Paige’s daughter told emergency personnel that Paige did not have her seatbelt on properly.

“She had the shoulder strap around her back,” Montgomery said.

“She ended up kind of upside down in the seat with her head towards the floor.”

Paige was trapped between the dash and floorboard, and emergency personnel used the Jaws of Life to remove the door and get Paige out, Montgomery said.

Beaver Valley resident Bing Brown said when he arrived at the scene shortly after it happened, before any emergency personnel arrived, Paige was semi-conscious.

The daughter was uninjured in the accident and refused medical treatment.

The northbound lanes were closed for several hours as DPS personnel worked to clear the wreck, Montgomery said.


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