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In a letter to the editor in the Dec. 2, issue Ray Pugel made several claims about the water issues in Pine/Strawberry and about my views on those issues. I have addressed these issues in the past, but have responded to each again in detail and those responses can be found here: As usual his claims cannot stand up to the light of day, but read and judge for yourself.

 Mr. Pugel also proposed that he and I debate those and other issues that he finds important. In talking and listening to Mr. Pugel I find that his familiarity with the facts and relevant issues is limited, so I do not think it would be useful to the public to debate with him.

I am willing to have an online debate and answer any questions that he might have. An on-line debate has the benefit that it would reach a much larger audience than a meeting would and the information would be available when it is convenient for the people of the community. It also gives Mr. Pugel a chance to get help with his answers. We can consider my responses to the issues in his letter the start of the debate. I have added a set of questions at the end of my responses for Mr. Pugel to answer.

Currently the two most important questions facing the community are:

1. What will the purchase cost the community? Is the purchase a good deal for the residents of Strawberry?

I would be willing to participate in a public discussion with Mr. Bill Haney on those two issues. It is interesting that at the time that Mr. Pugel was writing that he wanted a debate “… so the citizens of the community may be well-informed with complete and factual information of all the events that have transpired,” his surrogates were sending me an e-mail that says that they will only answer questions that the board feels are “appropriate”. They haven’t answered a question of mine in over four months, so they are just writing down their informal policy. It seems that they have forgotten that they are there to represent the whole community. I have posted their e-mail and my response at the link listed above.

What they are doing and saying doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny and they want the scrutiny to stop.

Sam Schwalm


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