New State Wildlife Web Site Provides Adventures For Wildlife Enthusiast


Watching wildlife is one of the most economical recreational activities families can do together. Visitors come to Arizona from around the world to see the diversity of animal species living in the Sonoran Desert, the tops of the mountainous sky islands or in the vast northern regions of the Colorado Plateau.

To give those visitors a better chance to see the hundreds of nocturnal and elusive animals, the Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association has launched its new Web site at

This site provides the most comprehensive information about viewing wildlife during Arizona’s different seasons, dates of events for nature-oriented programs, information about responsible wildlife viewing, news about recent sightings and your responsibilities as a wildlife viewer.

According to Watchable Wildlife President Bruce Taubert, “With the help of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Arizona Office of Tourism and the Arizona State Parks Department as our partners, our organization can provide updated wildlife viewing information quickly and communicate with visitors.

“This Web site will be a new tool for both residents and tourists to get details needed to travel around the state and see wildlife. Our members realized that there was no other wildlife Web site that included information for all the land and wildlife management agencies, nature-oriented nonprofits or businesses who would then work together to provide the best service for wildlife watchers,” continued Taubert.

“To help travelers find lodging statewide, we are encouraging more nature-oriented businesses to join AWWTA and get involved as well, which will buoy our efforts to make the wildlife viewing experiences even more thrilling. This activity generated more than $825 million in economic impact for communities in Arizona in 2006, so you see it will be an extremely valuable effort for rural businesses,” he said.

“The Arizona State Parks are now drawing more than 2.5 million visitors a year and thousands of these visitors come to Arizona to see wildlife, especially the rare birds that can only be found in Arizona,” said Treasurer Sam Campana and Director of Arizona’s Audubon Society.

“The Arizona Game and Fish Department has identified more than 900 species of animals that live in the millions of square miles of public lands in Arizona where visitors and residents can see animals. Go exploring, take your Arizona Watchable Wildlife Viewing Guide, take a map, and your wild adventures will provide memories for years to come,” she said.

For more information about the Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association go to www.


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