Santa Needs To Send Us Some Rain-Deer



I don’t get it. For two years in a row the Christmas Boat Show at Green Valley Park has been shut down because of rain.

We ended up going home, floating candles in the bath tub, and singing Silent Night.

It just wasn’t the same somehow. Arizona is mostly desert. Maybe we just don’t get the boat show concept. I gave it some thought and came up with some helpful hints for next year. Make sure you have working windshield wipers, even if they are manual. Get “Shamwows “ to keep the deck dry. You’ve seen those commercials. Those Shamwows are super absorbent.

Install half-inch water alarms that play Jingle Bells if the boat takes on water from a fast moving row boat’s wake. It’s been a while since we had an inch of rain, but you can’t be too careful. Get miniature bilge pumps to bail out each rain drop of water that hits the deck. Be sure to wear your kid’s floaties or a life vest in case the water level rises dangerously or a tsunami hits the high seas of Green Valley Lake. Remember how trains had those cow-catcher thingies in front? They must make them for boats to prevent geese and duck tragedies.

Should your engine quit, use your umbrella as a sail or just wear those long fishing boots and walk to shore.

Parks and Recreation should stand by with large bath towels and hot chicken noodle soup for emergency services to our courageous sailors. I believe in Payson! If Santa can ride from the North Pole to houses all over the world in a sled, I believe we can make a boat show happen in Green Valley Park.

Hey! Maybe Santa could send us a Rain-deer!

Kathleen Kelly


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