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About a year ago, the Payson Town Council gave the town Surface Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) the task of developing a plan to ensure the Mud Springs/Phoenix corridor would not become a bypass when the Mud Springs extension was constructed.

The plan was to use traffic calming tools to control both the volume and speed of all traffic using these streets. The STAC went to the citizens of Payson and asked for their help in developing a plan. In total, more than 250 interested people came forward with ideas and opinions and presented such to the committee.

We as a committee learned firsthand how citizen input can contribute to the solution, as well as calm fears and concerns. We would not have come up with the suggested plan of traffic calming, which will be presented to the council, without the input of our citizens.

Most importantly, voters willingly participated in the process by attending meetings and workshops and freely giving suggestions and feedback on the town engineer’s and STAC’s proposals.

We would like to thank each and every individual who took the time to attend these events and most of all give their input. Together, I believe, we developed a workable, cost-effective plan that deserves serious consideration by the council.

This plan will be presented to the town council at an upcoming council meeting. Thank you all.

Tom Loeffler, STAC member


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