Corporation Commission Not Considering Public’S Concerns



To my understanding the meeting held on Dec. 16 with Pine Water Co. and the Arizona Corporation Commission was to make a decision on PWCo’s application on the K2 well project.

The ACC could’ve ruled four different ways: in favor, to oppose, to stay, or to withdraw the application. I truly believe as one of the commissioners stated, that if a decision was made that day, it would’ve been in favor of the K2 well. The ACC voted to stay, meaning to continue the case.

My concern is that I feel the ACC is stifling and not taking into consideration the public’s concerns. They voted to stay prior to the public’s comments, which to me was highly inconsiderate.

Every time I have gotten up to speak, I am continually, rudely interrupted by the chairman. The public has only three minutes to speak, which is impossible to cover Brooke/PWCo’s crooked agenda from the illegal loan of taxpayers’ money and diversion of funds, to invading SWCo’s CC&N, to ignoring hydro reports, to excluding Strawberry customers and giving away their land, to jeopardizing existing wells by drilling next to them, to starting the project prior to the ACC’s approval, etc.

It was also exposed that Brooke left blank pages in their annual report they submitted to the ACC, in direct violation of its rules. It is way overdue for the ACC to open its eyes and oppose PWCo’s application.

Dina Galassini


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