Well Done, Cadets



As chairman of the Payson Patriotic Events Committee, I wish to commend all CAP Cadets for their performance during this past year of 2008. And that commendation goes to every parent and adult who devotes time and talent to keep the CAP Cadet program alive and well in our community and the Rim Country.

I have been associated with the CAP Cadets for several years now and they have always performed at our patriotic events with enthusiasm and professionalism. Each cadet known to me is an outstanding example of what our nation’s youth can and must be for the future.

Each generation of American patriots has stepped forward when the call was given to carry forth the banner of freedom, and they have performed magnificently from the beginnings of our nation through two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and the present series of world conflicts.

Our present generation has accepted the banner of freedom from us and they are carrying that banner, serving worldwide, with distinction.

Our young people who are attending school and who are involved in such programs as the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program and others are developing the necessary discipline and leadership skills that will be required when that banner of freedom is handed down to them. And, I have no doubt that they will perform magnificently as did their predecessors and those serving today.

Those of you who are now members of our CAP Cadet program and those who will join, represent the greatest national treasure that we possess and that is our youth. It is you who will be our future leaders and you who will inherit the responsibility to take our nation down the path to its destiny.

Continue your focus and learn well for our future will be in your hands. I am proud to know each of you and to serve with you.

May you and your families have a great holiday season and may only “good things” come your way in the New Year!

Bill Sahno, chairman,

Payson Patriotic Events Committee


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