Letters To Santa



Andy Towle/Roundup - atowle@payson.com

Children visited with Santa and Mrs. Claus during the Swiss Village Christmas lighting and festival in late November.


Andy Towle/Roundup - atowle@payson.com

Santa and Mrs. Claus pose for photos during one of their appearnances in the Payson area.

Mrs. DeWitte’s second-grade class, Frontier Elementary

Dear Santa, How’s Rudolph? How are your elves? Will you get me a Xbox360, and moon sand? You are so nice. Will you get me a Guitar Hero? Do you put toys in stockings? You’re not that fat. How are you doing this year? Thaink you for the toys last year. How are you Santa?

Your friend, Jason

Dear Santa, Mama y Papa en nabida cera una bisi y una moto y una cupbra lovlimo de unos qigets. El fin.


Dear Santa, Thank you for the PS2 and the books last year. How are your elves and your raindeer?

Your Friend, Abelardo

Dear Santa, Thank you for all the presents. Are the reindeer feeling good? I would like a toy dog, and a globe. Are the elfs feeling good? Can you get me a real phone please? Can you get me rock band? Is Mrs. Claus feeling good? Are you feeling good? You are awesome Santa claus.

Your friend, Sierra Vela

Dear Santa Claus, How are your elves and raideer? Thank you for the basketballhupe. I would like a ps2. I would like a nintendo DS.

Your friend, Hayden

Dear Santa, Thank you Santa for the bike. I think you’re nice Santa, I want a gameboy. Thank you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus! I want also a guitar. I want also nintedo DS. What is it like to be Santa

From, Zoey

Dear Santa, I love the holidays Santa! I want guitar Hero. I love Christmas Santa!

Your friend, Nigel

Dear Santa, Are your reindeers okay? Is Comet comeing? She still a baby? I want a baby bunny and a baby turtle. Want I want for Christmas a phone and laptop and a frog and a lizard. Comet is my favorite. I white white bunny.

Best friend, Chelsey

Dear Santa, How are you and your reindeer? What does Mrs. Claus want for Christmas?

Your friend, Summer

Dear Santa, Thank you for the bike you gave me last year. I want a Spounge Bob Video game. And a Xbox360 do you make the toys.

Love, Angel

Dear Santa, How is the elves? How is Rudolph? I want a i pod. I want a x box 3 60.

Love Tyler

Dear Santa, How are you doing and Mrs. Claus doing? Can you please get me a Real Laptop and Real Phone? And how is Rudolf?

Love Tanaya

Dear Santa, Thank you for the Candy last year! It’s almost Christmas! My Sister wants a DS, I want a doll house.

Your friend, Kaitlyn

Dear Santa Claus, Thank you for all the presents you gave me last year. Does Rudolphs nose shine? Can I have a R.C. helicopter, a Hulk the video game, a transformers video game, and a kick-in go scooter?

From, Clayton

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doin? What does Mrs. Claus want for Christmas? Thak you for the bike last Christmas. I would like to have a snow globe. I would like to have a ipod. I would like have a Phone.

Love, Ann

Dear Santa, How are your reindeers? I love you Santa. Thank you for the toys you gave me. I had the bear you gave me but my sister tore it up. I want a guitar. I have been good all year. I want my uncle Ryan to come back home. I want my Grandma to get better.

Love your, Faith

Dear Santa, How are the elves? My sister Heaven wants a Dog that and it is yellow. Hailey wants…auu, I don’t exactly know what she wants. And I want a real live puppy, or 3 pupys. I wount a pet – 3 pets, and a babydoll. I hope I seem good to you. I will have to tell my parints to unlock the doors so you can come in. I hope you will like the cookys I mace. I have to go.

Love, Hope

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas. I loved the snow globes you brought me last year. What does Mrs Claus want for Christmas? Can I have another snow globe? Can I have a puppy?

From, Linda

Dear Sansta, How is Rudolph? Thank you for the socks last year. Can I please have Nintendo DS? What does Mrs. Claus want for Christmas? Merry Christmas!

Love, Makyla

Dear Santa, How is your reindeer? What does Mrs. Claus want for Christmas? I what a Wii for Christmas and a CapGun. How are the elves? I want a Bow and arrow.

Your friend, Andrew Henning

Dear Santa, Thank you for the toys you brought me. How many elves do you have? You are the best Santa! Mary Christmas! Could you bring me a Nintendo Ds? What color do you like? How are your elves?

From, Anabel

Payson Elementary, second-grade

Dear Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, Can you please bring me a bike? I am going to make some cookies for you and leave you a big glass of milk. Can you fill my stocking? Can you bring me a lot of presents? Have a great Christmas, Santa Clause.

Love, your friend, Alex Whaley

Dear Santa Claus, This is my favorite holiday because we get presents and our hearts are filled with joy. Can you please get me a rabbit and a jeep please? It is God’s birthday. I wonder when is your birthday? My birthday is October third. If we didn’t have you, this wouldn’t be Christmas. You are special like us and God and Jesus.

Love, Eryn

Dear Santa Claus, My favorite holiday is Christmas. Do you ever see polarbear! I like you. Can I please have a telescope! Can I please have a toy Rudolph? Is it cold at the North Pole?

Your friend,


Dear Santa Claus, I like you Santa for delivering presents. I love Christmas more than any thing! Christmas is the best time of the year! The reindeer are cool! Thanks for bringing us presents last year. I will give you cookies and milk. Christmas is exciting because you get presents. The best part is when you come to my house! I love Santa Claus.

Your friend, Carter

Dear Santa Claus, How is Mrs. Claus doing? Thank you for all the presents last year. I love Christmas! It’s the best! Can I please have a pink I pod. How is the reindeers? I think you and Mrs. Clause are the best!

Your friend, Kameron

Dear Santa Claus, Thank you for all of the presents you gave me for Christmas. I love your gifts. How are your reindeers doing, Santa Claus? I love when you put presents under the trees. They are great presents! Can I ask you another question? I hope you can get me these: can I have a puppy for Christmas? And maybe a box of crayons too, please? Oh, how is Mrs. Claus doing, Santa? Is she doing good? I have another question. How are you doing Santa? One mor thing I believe in you Santa. I really do Santa. I love it when you fill my stocking with joy. I love waking up and opening your presents! They’re great presents, Santa one more thing – I love you Santa!

Your friend, Stevie

Dear Santa Claus, How are your reindeer and Mrs. Claus? Are you elves going to work after Cristmas? I hope they don’t have to because they can play. Can I please have a puppy for Cristmas and a new teddybear like the elephant you got me last year? I stll sleep with it. I love it. I use it so much, but it is still clean.

Love, Savanna

Dear Santa, I was very good this year because I did chores that I didn’t have to do. I would like a white and red Bionicle. It look boney. I would like a cop lego set. It’s in a giant box. I would like a soldier costume too. Can you please give my dad a paintbrush? Can you please give a green bracelet and a green necklace to my mom? How do you know everything?

Your friend, Joe Kesterson

Dear Santa, I have been kind of good this year. Will you still bring me presents? If you do, I would like a pair of Heelies two Hot Weeles, a Ben 10 Alien Force Chamber. Can you please get my mom one of those new electronic hair curlers and I forgot to tell you the last thing that I want is a carnage action figure. How do you carry all those toys?

Your friend, Nathan

Dear Santa, I would like a Tin puppin for Christmas. I have been kinda naughty, but I’ve been good too. I would like you to bring my Mom a coconut candle. My dad wants a Bassproshop T-Shirt. My brother wants a Bionicle. How did you get your job? Is Rudolf real? What happens when you get sick? Thank you for my presents last year.

Love, Hannah Eichacken

Dear Santa,I would like a Muppets, game for the Gamecube and a cd. Can you bring a dimond necklace for my mom? Will you bring a robot and new shoes for my dad, a new jacket for my brother and I would like a trampoline for my whole family. Can you bring us a swimming pool too? I think I should get presents because I do all my chores. How do you deliver the presents to the world in one night? How are your elves doing? How are Rudolf and the reindeers doing? Thank you for giving us presents.

Your friend, Nicholas Howard

Dear Santa, I hope I have been good enough for you to bring me presents. Here is what I would like: Heelies, some money, a video game, a pet lizard, and clothes. My parents would like clothes and a board game. Please forgive me for all that I’ve done wrong. What languages do you know? Do you get presents on Christmas? I hope you like your job!

Your friend, Cole Tenney

Dear Santa, I’ve been really really good Santa! This is what I want for Christmas! I would like a Hannah Montana holiday doll, skirt, shirt, and a dress and a pair of boots too? This is what my parents want. My mom needs a stretchy new dress for her belly and my dad needs new boot’s for work because all his boot’s are dirty and my brother would like an i pod. That’s all. Bye Bye. Bye Bye!

Your friend, Rachael Brundage

Dear Santa, Have I been good? Can you please bring me a bike that looks like a motorcycle please forgive me for doing bad stuff. Can you pleaes give my dad a knife box and a basketball too. My mom wants a diamond ring and a diamond necklace. I really want a remote control plane. Thank you for giving toys to girls and boys.

Your friend, Zane Bartlett

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I would like you to bring me a quad, a remote control army tank, a bunny, a real computer, and a remote control army helicopter. Could you get a present for my Mom and Dad? They want a new car. Thank you for the presents. Is it hard to fly a sled? How do you get around the world before morning?

Your friend, Jacob Schulte

Dear Santa, I am very excited that it is almost Christmas. I can’t wait for you t come. How are the elves doing? Are you feeling well? Will you get my baby brother a toy? I would love an I pod to listen to.

Love, Devin Gingry

Dear Santa,I am very excited that it is Christmas time. I can’t wait for you to come. I would like to know how many elves you have? How many reindeer do you have? Santa I want an I Pod for Christmas. Santa would you get my room a pet guinea pig?

From, Bryce

Dear Santa, I am very excited that it is Christmas time! I can’t wait it for you to come. I would like a SpongBoB life game for Christmas because I like Spongebob. Would you bring My Mom a puppy for Christmas because she loves puppies? How ald are you? What cookies do you like?

Love, Autumn

Dear Santa, I am very excited that it is Christmas time. I can’t wait for you to come. Do you help the elves? How many reindeer do you have? I would like a Nintendo DS because they look fun to play with. Would you bring a play motercyclc for my brother because he likes them?

Love, Hannah G.

Dear Santa, I am very excited that it is Christmas time. I can’t wait for you to come. Is it cold in the north pole? Do you like cookies? I would like a chiuaua for Christmas because I like their ears. Would you bring a toaster for my mom?

Love, Abby

Dear Santa, I am very excited that it is Christmas time. I can’t wait for you to come. I would like bendy strings for Christmas. Would you bring Megan a Dora Mermade? How old are your reindeer? How old are you Santa?

Love, Arie

Pine, second-grade

Dear Santa, Thank you for last years presents. How is Mrs. Claus doing? What are thee elves makeing rite now? This year I wold like two mp3 players and a little bit more mony. I think my mom would like a good smelly candle. Wat did you get me?

Love, Jerusha

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? This year I want a fusion-electron and a Leggo-gunship. How is Rudolf? My brother Cody wants two video games. Lars wants a X box 360 and a Nintendo DS. I want an X box 360 and a Leggo Star Wars complete saga and X box 360 controllers.

From, Brian

Dear Santa, Thank you for last year presents. How is Mrs. Santa doing? This year I would like a laptop to type my own letters and the movie High School musical. My baby sister wants a stuffed penguin and a good Christmas with you. My other sister wants this swimming baby and also a good Christmas with you too. My Dad wants a new little tractor and Mom wants a wonderful Christmas with her family. MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!

Love, Mercedes

Dear Santa, I am 8 years old and thank you for our presents. How is Mrs. Santa? Please bring me a game for my nintendo D.S. and a laptop. How is Rudolf? Did you get the cookies milk last year?

Love Cayley

Dear Santa, How are you doing at the North Pole? Thank you for all the presents that you give. How is the kissing problem since you kissed our grandma. We have a picture of it. and Mrs. Hunter would like peace on Earth.


Dear Santa, I love when I get so loved on Christmas because it is so fun to open my gifts from my mom or Dad, or cards from my grandpa or grandma. When it comes to Christmas I love when I can get presents.

From, Hailee

Dear Santa, How are the elves doing at the north pole? Are they making fun presente for all the children in the world? How is Mrs. Claus doing? Also how are the reindeer doing including Rudolf? Is Rudolf being a good boy? Also thank you for last years gift. This year I want an electric scooter. Also my dog want an chew toy for Christmas.

Sincerely, Meredith

Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents last year. Are you still kissing other ladies? Can I have a DS for Christmas and a x box 360?

From Lars

Dear Santa, Thank you for last year’s gifts. How is Mrs. Claus, and how is your reindeer? I want a horse set please. I want a new High School Musical movie please. Also I want cool stuff in my stocking. My Mom would like a DvD camera and Matt my Dad would like a new box set of cowboy movie.

Love, Madison

Dear Santa, Thank you for Last years’ gifts. Do you like star cookies? How is Mrs. Claus? This year I want the new pet shop. My dog, Racy Virginia wants a new really squeaky toy. The other dog, Cash, wants a bouncy ball. Elvis our other dog wants steps so he can get up on the bad. How are the reindeer doing I also want some sweet tart candy canes.

Love, Maddy

Dear Santa Thank you Santa for last year’s presents. I hope your reindeer stay on the roofs. I like Mrs. Santa. This year I would like the Republic Attack Gunship. and the V-19 Torrent. My dad would like the Motorized A.T A.T walker. and the Death Star.

Sincerely, Michael

Dear Santa Claus Thank you for last year’s presents. How is Rudolf? How is Mrs. Claus too? This year I would like to have toy ponies I would like to a Fur berry. My Dad would like another controller for my play station.

Your friend, Bobbie Rose

Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents last year santa. This year I want a back to a x box 360 controller and a bigger trampoline and a guitar Hero game and my own electric drums. My dad would like Leul 80 world of warcraft and, my mom wold like Mountain Dew

From, Fan

Dear Santa, I am 8 years old and Thank you for our presents. How is Mrs. Santa? Please bring me a game for my Nintendo D.S. and a Laptop. How is Rudolf? Did you get the cookies and milk Last year?

Love, Cayley

Tonto Basin Elementary School

Hi Santa, Thank you for The laptop you gave me last year. Please bring my sister a red cow boy hat and red boots. Please bring my grandma and grandpa a big screen Tv. How is Mrs. Claus and how many years have you been married

see you sone Love Jordan

Dear St. Nick, I wish I coud have a ipod, like a real one How are your reindeer?

Is Rudolf real? I hope you write me back. Oh! I forgot to ask, last year I hoped you liked the bowl of chili that I made special for you.

See ya soon Love Amber

Dear Santa, Thank you for reading my letter. Please bring grandma Stella joy happiness, and a lonaer she life is very old. I would like some neu Hot Wheels. How did you train your deer to fly. You will find a surprise on the kitchen Table.

Your friend. Lenueltson LoPez

Dear Santa Claus,

My favorite thing you brought me last yearwas my spinning around guy. I still play with him.

I was wondereing if you have a dog and what’s its name. This yearcould you bring me a toy

monster truck? Please bring Grandma new shoes because sheonly has boots and flip flops. Grandpa likes M+MS. We won’t build a fire in the fireplace. you are the man,

Seth Arlen Morris

Dear Santa, Thank you Santa for giving me all the things that you gave me last year How does the reindeers? Please can you give me six gym mats and a high beam. Please give me a little bar and a big bar. My grandpa has a broken hip. Will you get him a new hip. Have a great month Santa. Love,


Hi Santa, Thank you for the the lava lamp and the Pretty Parrot. For Christmas I want Baby Alive that really swims. How do your reindeer fly? For Christmas my grandma wants a pupy. For Christmas my papa wants a back scratcher. My great papa wants a live parrot.

Bye Santa, Love Hailee

Dear Santa Can you give me a new video game? Please help my grandma feel better. Can you please give my Mom more money to help her get furniture for our house. I always wanted to know if your little guys (elves) are really real?

My mom will leave you chocolate chip cookies.

Love, Brandon

Dear Santa, You are a very great guy, I bet. I want to give you woat you want the eat I could be cookies, crackers, and milk. I would like a computer, and a printer.

Thank you Katelynn

Dear St. Nick, Thank you for bringing me a Wedkin That y brot me last year. I want a piano. Can I have a computer? How do elves make toy. Can you help my grandma. Can I have a toy dog? Can I have phone? Can I have ipod.

See you soon, Love Chloe

Dear Santa, Can you give my brother, sister, baby brother and me, a toy train? Thank you for giving me my teddy bear last year I named her Loia and sleep with her . Please tell me how can your reindeer fly? You always eat my cookies so I wil leave you ten this year.

Love Ruby

Dear Santa, Can I have a ipod? Please give the dogs a present this time. Please give Amber some money, and give her some friends please. How cold is the North Pole?

Bye Santa Love Rachel.

Dear Santa, Thank you for the Things I got last year. Please give my Dad and Mom a break from working so hard. Please help my grandmas back get better. I will bake brownies with nuts special for you

I hope you have a great Chrismas. What do you do while the elves make toys? Will you give my Mom and Dad more monny. I Love you, thank you for the toy’s

Love, Kenslis

Dear Santa Claus, Thank you for the bumble bee car that can transform. How are the reindeer? Can you help my great grandma hear well, and my grandma smell. What I want for Christmas is a quad, Lego Star Wars 1 the video and an Ipof. See you soon,

Love, Trenton

Mrs Price J.R.E.

Dear Santa, How do you get down the chimney? Is Rudolph real? Does Rudolph really guide your sleigh? Can I please have a snowglobe collection, a new sled, a Play Station game?

Do you have a puppy? I know all the other reindeer are real. Ihope your reindeer are ok. I am 8 years old. I go to school at J.R.E. I hope you’re ok. I also want a P.S.3 and a few games for it. I hope ever one gets a good present. I also need math flash cards.

Love, Josh

Dear Santa, What’s your favorite part about Christmas? What happens if your reindeer get sick? Santa do you get to play games? Did you know I’ve passed 81 A.R. tests? May I please have a video game for the Play Station 2? How do you make toys? How do you travel

Across and back so fast? How many elves do you have?

Love, Braedon D.

Dear Santa, Have I been a girl this year? Can you give my family a very good Christmas please and make everyone not sick? I will be leaving you milk and cookies. What kind of milk and cookies do you like? What time do you come down the chimney? Please do not eat any of my candy canes off the tree. Please put vanilla choclate in my stockings and two more

things, my two two front teeth and a cup that has my name on it. Have a good day.

Your friend, Jordan

Dear Santa, How did you get be Santa? When did you get to be Santa? I’m trying to be nice. I can’t wait until Christmas. I would like a writing packet. May I have a brand new lady bug and sunflower reading books and a Quick Word book? Have a fantastic Christmas.

Love, Victoria

Dear Santa, What would you do if your reindeer got sick? Would you use dogs, elves, or cats? What kind of cookies do you want? How are you doing? Could you please get me Legos or Barugans please? Have I been good or bad? Merry Christmas!

Your friend, Kody

Dear Santa, How do your reindeer fly? How can you fit in all those chimneys? I love you a lot Santa. Have I been good enough to get a football that has a fire booster on it, spring shoes, a Ben 10 watch, and a rocket that flies to the moon? , Your friend, Wesley

Dear Santa, Is Ruddph’s nose still bright? How is dear Mrs Claus? My favorite colors are blue red.

My favorite animals are kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies. What I want for Christmas is a Powerwing and rollersskates please. Happy Holidays.

Love, Sarah Minturn

Dear Santa, Do you ever get tired when you are delivering the presents? Can your reindeer do tricks?

I am eight years old. I’m in second grade at Julia Randall Elementary School. By the way I don’t need a puppy anymore because I already got one. But I do want Freaky Body Illusions. It’s the thing that has a living hand and a lot of other things.

Your friend, Melissa

Mrs Ryden J.R.E.

Dear Mr C, I hope you’re in a good mood to go around the World all in one night. Are you feeling good? How is Ruedolf? Anyway If I was good this year I have a wish list. I wish for a big Bakugan or two, a Monster Jam video game for Wii, a Rocket Fishing Rod, a pack of Pokemon card, a whooooooooooooooooooooooooooobunch of Pokemon cards, a pet turtle, a surprise gift and if I get all those gifts there’s only one thing missing……..you.

P.S. Make the first big Bakugan a Darkness Reaper, the second a Darkness Sentapead. Thank you! Love, Michael V.

Dear Santa, Do you have to deliver presents every single year? Do you live in Payson? How many reindeers do you have? Are all of your elfs little? Is your factory big? Do the elfs always have green uniforms? Do you think I deserve presents? I think all of the people all over the world are being good? I would like to have a reindeer like yours for Christmas. See you at the mall in Phoenix. And don’t get stuck in the chimmey.

Love, Perla

Dear Santa, How is my Auntie Pam? I know you are best friends. Tell her I love her. How is mrs Claus doing? I guess she has been very good this year. When I was at my friends house

I didn’t get yelled at. Would you bring me a Xbox 360? That’s all I what. I hope you get home safely from Christmas Eve. Have a happy New year.

Love, Doug

Dear Santa, How are you doing? How is the workshop? Can you keep a secret? I’m going to put

Diffent kinds of vegetables out for your reindeer on Christmas Eve. They’ll love them. But, I can’t tell you what I’m giving you! I have been good all year. I do good in school and I help my Mom. Can I tell you my wish list? I’m wishing for Webkinz seal, lion, camel , doggy, but that’s not all. I want PetShops and Polly Pockets, makeup phones and stuffed animals and that’s all. Keep guessing what your gift is. Have a happy New Year.

Love, Raegen

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I wonder what your phone number is? Do you ever take phone calls? I’m hoping you will bring me a magic elf and a sticker book, please. I believe in you.

Love, Molly

Dear Santa,

How do you survive at the North Pole when it is very cold. It is very hot in Payson where I live. I’ve been good to my Mom all year so do you suppose you could bring me ten dinosaurs, at Rex, d Rex Brachiosaus are the only ones I know. I hope I see you this year. Remember when I got my picture taken with you?

I still have it.



Dear Santa,

Where do you live? How are your elves? How are you doing? This is why I should get 50 bakugans and a air hockey table. It is because I bring in the trash can every Tuesday. I hope you get this letter in time. Have a Happy new Year.

Love, Deven

Dear Santa,

How are you going in the work shop? I have a question. Is it hard delivering presents all around the world. I Love Christmas. Do You? Santa I was very good. I listned to my teacher and my Mom too. Santa, do you think I could get a scooter? I hope you have a nice Christmas!

Love, Brianna

Mrs Ansick J. R. E.

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? I know he is a good light for guiding your sleigh. I’ve been helping my Dad with stuff and really good recently. For Christmas, I want a Nintendo DS and a trumpet.

Love, Taylor

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing? How is it at the North Pole? Is it colder than here? I’ve been really good around school and my family. I hope you have a safe trip. Are your elves working this year? I hope I can get some new clothes and a Robodog. Enjoy your snowy exciting trip!

Love, Pasamonte

Dear Santa,

Where is your house at the North Pole? What is your phone number? My sister knows it. Do you really have a magic sleigh? I have not got in any fights. I have learned my lesson. For Christmas I would like Bakugan, some transformers and star wars people, Wall.E movie, some Ninjas and a football. Have a safe trip around the world. Ho Ho Ho

Love, Caleb

Dear Santa,

How are you? Are the reindeer exited for Christmas? I’ve been a really good girl. How is it at the North Pole? I want a pet puppy for Christmas. And I want my family to have the best Christmas they ever had. Ho HO Ho

Sincerely, Nevaeh

Dear Santa,

How have Mrs Claus and you been? How have the elves been doing? I have been good this year. I would like a Nintendo DS, some new games for it and some new clothes for winter. I will leave some cookies on the table and milk for you. Have a good and nice Merry Christmas!

Love, Laytna

Dear Santa,

How are Rudolph and Mrs Claus? I hope you are well. I have been good for two years. I would like a petshop playhouse and blanket for my bed and new pillow. I would also like a bakery set and a brats movie.

Love, Kari

Dear Santa,

Do you really have magic reindeer? Does Rudolph really have a bright nose? Am I on your list of who has been good? If I get presents, I want an I pod and a Nintendo DS. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Love, Quinn

Dear Santa,

What is going on at the North Pole? How is Rudolph, prancer and all the other reindeer doing? I bet you will have to put out a lot of presents for me because I have been good! I want a remote control airplane. I hope the reindeer are ready. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Your friend, Andrew


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