Water System Is Not A Castle



Wes Suhr’s reference of our deplorable water company’s condition as a “castle” is a good example of the exaggerations being thrown around. The claim that spending $300,000 of taxpayer money would solve our water situation is one of them. If the K2 is such a great deal, why does BUI need our money, while testifying under oath it is too much of a “risk” for BUI to take?

I don’t understand the villainizing of the Realtors/developers. Maybe they have been paying closer attention to the water issue because it affects property values? There is so little land left to develop in Strawberry and Pine what do they have to gain? It is a known fact that one of the recalled board members had visions of becoming a developer.

I attended the long meeting of June 7. Not once was the summary and recommendation from Mike Plough’s report mentioned. So if we paid for experts, I think we should demand a refund.

One final note, if the previous board was recalled and a new board was elected on the platform of not giving money for the K2, why is it that the outgoing board rushed to have our money put into escrow with Robert Hardcastle as a signator before leaving office?

Cindy Maack


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