Gone To The Dogs ... And Cats



Suzie Strickland and Nancy Ward are the birthday ladies. Cheryl Dolby is threw the party that helped the Payson Humane Society.


Both of us were approaching our 60th birthday within days of each other. We didn’t want gifts. Our lives are rich enough with friends and family. We decided to ask these wonderful people for money instead.

Before you judge us crass and rude, the money wasn’t for us. It was for the critters, the lonely, cold, homeless critters waiting for adoption at the Payson Humane Society.

OK, the “lonely, cold, homeless” part could have been left off; although it is true, it is an obvious trick intended to stir your heartstrings and your purse strings.

A wonderful friend threw the party and sent the invitations, complete with a plea for the critters and an addressed envelope to the Payson Humane Society, to near and far. Soon donations poured in from near and far — Maryland, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana, Phoenix, and a ton from Payson.

We had only hoped for $600. We even said we’d kick in the rest to make it $600. We are currently at $1,460. Yes, we raised that amount just by asking.

The humane society did not have to work for this money. Thank heavens! They work hard enough for every other penny.

Suzie Strickland and Nancy Ward are the birthday ladies. Cheryl Dolby is the wonderful friend who threw the party. The three of us thank all of you who donated. To be able to make such an impact by such a simple act is truly heartwarming. Thank you again.

Cheryl Dolby, Suzie Strickland

and Nancy Ward


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