Military Personnel Grateful For Payson Supply Line Packages



Yesterday, we received a call from our son, a U.S. Army Specialist serving in Iraq at a remote forward operating base. He had come in from a day’s work to discover that packages from home were waiting for him, just in time for Christmas. There were some from Mom and Dad, another from a great-aunt and uncle ... and several from the Payson Supply Line.

Contained in those several cartons from Payson Supply Line were some wonderful surprises. There were many Christmas cards from thoughtful people all over the area. Our young soldier handed out several cards to each guy, and kept a couple to himself. One of the ones he kept was from a respected high school coach he knew when he was a Payson High student.

Hand warmers and foods from home, toiletries and other highly valued items were shared among the soldiers in his barracks. Some things were saved for the Iraqi children. A Christmas tree and all the trimmings filled one box. And then a surprising treat: handmade caps from some very kind Payson ladies. There were all kinds of different colors of handmade caps. The soldiers loved those: it is cold in the barracks at night so they sleep in army drab and colorful caps made with love.

Your cards and letters and your lovely handmade gifts are deeply treasured by those so far from home. The comforts of home that Butch, Kathy, Lud and Marian send to our troops mean more to them than we civilians might ever guess. The toys, treats and other gifts for the children of Iraq are sure to have a positive impact on the future. Not only are they getting something now, those children will grow up with a favorable opinion of Americans.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Payson Supply Line for their kindness and generosity. We also wish to thank everyone who contributes to them. You are supporting more than a hometown boy; you are supporting all of his brothers and sisters overseas. Please know that when you support Payson Supply Line, you are truly making a difference. Thank you all.

Gary and Trish Iles


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