This Is Global Warming?



A rare snowfall in Las Vegas, glaciers building up in Alaska, blizzards, snow storms, ice storms coast to coast and border to border and beyond. Sub-zero temperatures and reported sub lows are occurring all over our nation, and this is global warming? You have to be looney.

Well, I guess Al Gore and those like him are. Madoff and Al Gore have the honor of presenting the world with the two largest swindles of our time. Madoff with his $50-plus billion phony scheme and Al Gore with global warming and his cap-and trade scheme, which has made him millions. Obama will inherit this cap-and trade program which he aggressively espouses and it will be extremely costly.

The green jobs he promises won’t replace jobs lost to the economic problems this program will create. He must broaden his view of climate change (global warming) and its relationship to our economic health.

He’s not a junior senator from Illinois anymore, or is he? Very few people understand the workings of the cap-and trade. Look into it, you’ll be shocked and dismayed.

Ed Welge


Jeff Bland 8 years ago

Although, Eco extremism does not appeal well with most people Mr. Weldge you have gone to far the other way. You can not be so arrogant as to sit in your chair and simply discount the tons of pollutants we dump into our atmosphere everyday, day in day out. While I agree that the earth does have (natural) weather changes the particular problems we see today are quit dramatic, ignoring the problem will only cause future generations to suffer and to clean-up after you and I are long gone. So, lets show some responsibility for what we as so called keepers of our environment have done to it. Just cause it snows in Cave Creek does that mean it is not a desert anymore? The same logic applies to your theory as to why it is a cold Winter. Further more if correct research was done on your part it would be easy to see that renewable energy sector can generate manufacturing, engineering, design, implementation, and service jobs, and could in FACT generate up to an estimated 5 million jobs right here at home in (America) that cannot be outsourced. This a gamete of jobs to be had from collage educated right down to the average Joe.


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