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Brad Pitt

HOLLYWOOD ... Well, here we go. Loping into 2009! Should be interesting with the new regime in Washington, and what goes on in the film industry with all the strikes and unrest.

Everyone who has seen “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is raving about the picture and Brad Pitt’s performance. Friends in New Orleans tell me there was a special showing and party for those in the Garden District where the film was shot. Angelina and Brad were there, shaking hands and taking pictures with anyone who asked. It should be a shoo-in Oscar nomination for Brad as Button. And now this young man seems to have it all. Talent, a beautiful and loving wife, a house full of loving kids and a great future ahead. All this for an actor who started out as an unknown and simply poked his head in the car window of “Thelma and Louise” and said one line. After he said that line I said to my companion, “That’s going to be a big star someday.” And for once I was right. P.S. And another doff of the hat to Brad. He’s giving a lot of everything back with all the help he is giving to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The push is on for Oscar nominations. In addition to Brad, Sean Penn also is a definite shoo-in for his performance in “Milk.” Speaking of Oscar, I have had several brushes with the little fellow. One of the funniest was when I first arrived in Hollywood and went to visit my mentor, screenwriter Frances Marion, who wrote most of Mary Pickford’s films and also winners like “Min and Bill,” “The Champ,” “The Big House” and on and on. As I walked from room to room I kept stumbling over something on the floor. Finally I stooped down to find out what was causing it and came face to face with Oscar. She was using all her wins as doorstops. Most other winners proudly displayed theirs on shelves or other spots to be viewed. But not Miss Marion.

Aside to Mildred G. of Brooklyn, N.Y.: Indeed, I do find it despicable when David Letterman makes fun of a person’s age or illness, such as when he makes jokes about Vice President Dick Cheney’s pacemaker or Sen. John McCain’s age.

“Heaven Knows, Anything Goes” by Dianne De Marinis de la Vega is captioned “A Love Story That Survived Death.” It’s about Dick Haymes, World War II crooner and Hollywood movie star. It’s a fascinating read, and already being touted as a movie. P.S. And of course you know, he was once married to Rita Hayworth.


BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Demure Paris Hilton looking very beautiful making her third appearance on “The Late Show” ready to brave Dave’s barbs. P.S. He didn’t make any. He was like a fawning feline over catnip. ... Rosie O’Donnell’s ratings weren’t so good for the opening of her new show. Maybe others joined me in my “uncaring” for her output. ... And to all of you, thanks for reading, and all good things in the coming year!

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