America's Deadliest War



This letter is being written on the anniversary of one the greatest tragedies for our great nation. Yes, it's been 35 years now since seven members of the United States Supreme Court decided that unborn babies were not humans and that their mothers had a right to have them killed. To my shame, I don't even remember that court decision being announced, and for a few years it really didn't seem to matter to me. Then, about 30 years ago, I began teaching courses in child development. Even though the textbooks for those courses were selected by an agnostic psychology department chairperson, each of the texts clearly stated when human life begins, with statements such as "The life of each person begins at the moment of conception." Once that fact became known (then by me, and now by you) there was a choice to make -- either to be a pro-death accomplice to the killing or to try to make a difference for life. I chose to share the pro-life message with hundreds of students, legislators, judges and others, along with a quote from Thomas Jefferson "The care of human life and happiness . . . is the first and only legitimate object of good government."

America's War Against the Unborn officially began on Jan. 22, 1973. Since then, there have been more than 47,500,000 legal abortions in the United States (based on figures from the United States Center for Disease Control). That figure may be compared with the total deaths of Americans in our other wars (based on figures from Wikipedia Encyclopedia): Civil War - 625,000; World War II - 405,399; World War I - 116,516; Vietnam War - 58,151; Korean War - 36,516; Revolutionary War - 25,000; and now the War in Iraq - less than 4,000, so far.

One death in war is too many, and I would certainly strongly encourage each of us to support our outstanding military personnel and others who are defending us and our nation by regularly praying for them. We also have the privilege of supporting our military in other valuable ways, such as the Payson Supply Line, writing letters, sending e-mails, etc. But what can we do to help end the slaughter of unborn babies? I would suggest: No. 1 - pray!; No. 2 - start your own "Truth Squad" with neighbors, friends, etc.; No. 3 - write to judges, legislators, and other leaders (thanking our area's four legislators for being pro-life and also contacting our governor to encourage her to become pro-life and to stop her opposition to the funding of sexual abstinence education); No. 4 - support our local New Beginnings Pregnancy Center with donations and/or your time; No. 5 - support other pro-life organizations such as Care Net, Arizona and National Right to Life, Focus on the Family and/or The Center for Arizona Policy; and of course, No. 6 - "Keep praying!" and then do whatever else the Lord would have you do. In the meantime, may God continue to be amazingly patient with us and our nation until America's War Against the Unborn has ended.

Jerry Green,


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