How About A New Main Street Idea?



There is such a controversy over Main Street that one gets tired of reading about it.How about a new Main Street idea?East Main Street.

As one who drives by those new buildings on E. Main St., I get frustrated looking at rusty roofs.That is a big eyesore to those of us living in the area.

Since it doesn't look like the medical community is going to be moving in for a while, why not make it an outlet mall. I'm sure there would be a lot of people shopping there.

Just think of all those who come up here on weekends and just drive through.There would be employment, tax revenue, no empty buildings collecting rent, and we would not have to drive to Sedona for their mall.

Since they are not going to be used for courts and such, let's see that they are put to a good commercial use.Also, I wouldn't think that they would affect other Payson businesses that much, since most outlet mall stores are specialty shops which would keep up from driving elsewhere to spend our leakage money."Shop at Payson Outlet Mall." lease give it some thought.

Dave Corrasa

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