Jre Dvd Earns $2,500 Nfl Grant


Students at Julia Randall Elementary School bounced their way through retired quarterback Phil Simms' movement video and earned $2,500 for their school.

The National Football League developed the Play 60 grant contest. JRE was one of 11 schools to win.

JRE students had to show judges how they would get "60 minutes of exercise a day for 60 days."

For the 10-week program at JRE, PE teacher Donna Moore planned themed weeks.

In partnership with Wayne Gorry's class, Moore made a DVD of students enthusiastically exercising to go along with the required entry paperwork.

Week one concentrated on muscular and aerobic strength.

"We develop our muscles with exercise bands," one Julia Randall student said in the video, as fifth-graders stretched the super-size rubber bands.

Stability balls replaced some chairs during week one for students in Wayne Gorry's class.

"Mr. Gorry reads to his class sitting on a stability ball. You have to have balance. You have to have total control of your core muscles to balance on the ball," Moore said.

Students also walked the JRE trails and around the lake as part of the 60-minute program.

"Across the street from JRE, we can walk through beautiful Green Valley Park," said a boy identified on the DVD as Justin.

"We love dance, dance revolution physical education and our after-school program," Marcela said on the DVD, as students danced behind her.

"Our kids love party dances. They do the Macarena, the Stroll and the Hustle," Moore said.

Other themed weeks included Tai Chi, Karobics (a combination of karate and aerobics), juggling for cross-lateral movement, Tae Bo and yoga.

"I want physical education to be for every kid. An athletic kid will remain athletic. I target classes so kids who will need it later in life will develop a love of movement. Seeing an athletic kid high-five a kid for juggling makes my day," Moore said.

The students even showed off the history of their school on the DVD.

"Our gym is located in the historic rock building which was built in 1932," Addie said.

Moore surveyed the students about what kind of exercise they do outside of school.

Bicycle riding and walking the family hound and team sports such as soccer all ranked highly as home activities.

When Moore attends a physical education conference later this year, she will be looking for innovative equipment to buy with the $2,500 prize. First on her shopping list is a full set of 30 stability balls to swap for chairs in the classroom.

Moore's policy is that every child has an enjoyable activity to do without waiting idly in line to use equipment.

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