Old Main Roof At Payson High School Finally Completed


The final inspection of Payson High School's Old Main building roof revealed no leaks, finally ending two years of efforts by BMJS Construction to finish the job.

"I've looked at the roof of Old Main at the high school," said Director of Maintenance and Transportation Todd Poer. "And I can tell you BMJS Construction has met all their obligations and even with the heavy rains last weekend, there are no leaks in the roof."

"There is one small leak in Principal Sandoval's office," added Poer.

He said the aluminum window frame in Sandoval's office had a small leak on one side, but BMJS Construction would repair it and that would complete their obligation to the district. Poer delivered the news to the board at a special meeting Monday, Jan. 28 at 5:30.

Board member Mike Horton asked if Poer had the warranty for the roof in hand.

"Yes, I have an unconditional 20-year manufacturer's and workmanship warranty in hand as we speak," said Poer.

He added that the district has the option of extending the warranty by five years if it opts for a maintenance plan on the roof.

Board Member Sue Myers asked if there was a cost to the maintenance plan. Poer said there was, but that in the long run it would be in the district's best interests to get it.

Board Member Charles Brown said he favored a maintenance plan because it not only extends the district's protection, but would extend the life of the roof, as well.

Poer also supported the maintenance plan.

No decision was reached by the board on the maintenance plan during the meeting.

Following Poer's report, the board went into executive session for legal advice with the district's attorney, Roger Decker, and unanimously approved the final payment of $25,829.18 to BMJS Construction.

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