Remember When The Pathway To Payson Was A Two Lane Journey?



Is it fair to say Payson has a bypass?Not overlooking our town, this may be a stretch some prefer to overlook.Desiring to get through town, there is an alternative route.This well-traveled route doesn't cut through any of the prime, quiet neighborhoods of recent concern where some of Payson's loudest voices reside.The route we've in mind cuts through an area where many of Payson's silent ones live.

e could wager traffic down Colcord Road, between Longhorn to Main Street, is more a challenge for the many, packed in residents than the stretched-out neighborhoods of a particular Payson highland.

orth along Colcord Road, beginning at Main Street, we pass the county jail and courthouse that provides "ample" space for people who work and cohabitate in these spaces.Passing the post office, one avoids colliding with patrons paying bills and taxes that offset the aggressive measures of the elected elite.The corner of Wade and Colcord, we connect with Payson's Veterans and Community Kids, who are cared for by a concerned citizen.

Let's not overlook students from the middle and high schools who come to and from school each morning and afternoon crossing "this" bypass and the Beeline Highway.Rest assured the noise that rises from this neighborhood is situated away from the peaceful, winding road with a name that raises up likes its Valley counterpart.

Continue past a church, school, an emerging development, and the low income single to double-wide mobiles where several of Payson's elderly and families reside.This brings us to the north end of Colcord, to the promised land of the school bus laden path called Longhorn.

Here a car dealership, drug store and the gateway to the Rim Country lie away from citizens, with quick access to medical facilities and a Dairy Queen (unless dropping pounds) and are left unscathed by wayward travelers.

Albeit a way to bypass the commotion of Payson's traffic, consider the outlying communities with residents who supply multiple tax dollars to Payson and enjoy serenity this part of our county affords.

So God bless the sacrifices we all share that keeps us from the Valley confines of places with names such as leisure, sun, senior, world or city.

But remember when the pathway to Payson was a two-lane journey?

Should we keep the Colcord bypass a secret?Or is it time this voice be heard?

Rev. David Rennick

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