Secret Meetings Cause Distrust



On Jan. 30, I attended the PSWID board meeting. They had their attorney with them.he room was crowded, and people couldn't all be seated.

They sent us out into where the trucks were parked, so they could conduct their meeting in secret with the attorney.That lasted over an hour.

The old people had to stand around the trucks on the cement floor.I guess I'm one of them.I took my own chair out of the room, and did my complaining as I left with it.They said they didn't expecto many people.Duh!I guess not.Board members Mary and Bill Haney weren't there, but he was on speaker phone.

He tried to get them, the board, to delay voting on a document that he's had no time to read until he had time to study it, as it happened so fast he only had an hour and half to look it over.

He wanted to learn what the public wanted.He and Smith voted to wait until the next meeting in February, but the other four voted againstaiting.
They all just went ahead with their plans, and they are pushing as fast as they can do it.Bill made the statement that he'd been working in the government water for twenty some years, and this is the first time that he saw things beingndisclosed.

They have to disclose to the public before they vote, but they make all their plans in secret.This kind of action is unacceptable to me. I feel the public is being treated unfairly and would trust them more if we could see what they are doing. These secret meetings cause mistrust.

Sharon Stewart


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