It's Time To Stop All The Bickering



The property I've owned in Strawberry since the late 1960s has always been a refreshing place of rest. Over the years, starting with Rall's Water Co.,I always felt secure about our water supply.

We considered mountain water as a precious resource and treated it as such. When the company was turned over to Brooke Utilities, I remember thinking: this may be a good thing as more can be done for our water supply, especially in the way of repairs.

The hauling of water was an eye-opener. When I first saw the pipe leading from the nearby well, my thought was that my Pine neighbors were the only ones needing more water.

I was wrong -- we all needed more water! I've listened to Pine residents lately and all they have is criticism for the way the water wells were managed. Strawberry wells.

Do the resident have a college degree in water management? I think not from what I heard -- they only complained. In all my years living in Strawberry, my water supply has always been adequate. But Pine residents have told me every year that their water supply was only fair to poor. Obviously, they will only need more water from Strawberry.

The Strawberry location for a new well seems logical. But Strawberry residents will need that water, too. Based on what I've seen and heard for almost 40 years, I say, "Good Choice."

he water board member recall is a threat to me and to the future of those living in northern Gila County. I believe the drilling site was chosen to accommodate all the work that was needed to be done with the idea of reasonable success. Do I trust the people leading the recall? Absolutely not! They threaten the democratic process. The water board voted to drill a well. So do it!

It's hard for me to remain calm and unemotional about my water supply, now threatened by the actions of some. So I'll end by saying: I believe we should support the drilling of the new K-2 well in Strawberry, and stop all the continuous bickering.

Joan Smith

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