Keep Mud Springs Extension Off Council Agenda



noticed that Mud Springs extension and the 260 roundabout are on the agenda for Feb. 7 and it is exactly as it was on the Jan. 10 agenda. OK, So what's the deal?

OnJan. 10, the council decided to send it back to STAC and I believe the charge was to come up with a plan for the entire route from Beeline and Phoenix to Mud Springs and 260.

STAC was charged with getting input from the community and then presenting a comprehensive plan. It serves no purpose to do this projectiecemeal. I think the council would want to actually plan for an entire project.

This type of action reeks of political shenanigans. And, what do you suppose this kind of irresponsible action does for the credibility of this council?Here is your chance to do the right thing, let the planning process work and to allow all stake holders a chance to have input.

I strongly urge you to remove this from the agenda and allow STAC an opportunity to do their work, beginning with their input session at Frontier Elementary on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m.

Leon Keddington

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