Mayor Only One Of Seven Votes



Regarding Don Crowley's letter in which he attacked Mayor Edwards, he needs to be reminded that the Mayor has only one of seven votes on the Council.

I am unaware of any attempt to "scuttle" the referred-to housing development. The objections were based upon the request for increased density and especially the taking of Star Valley water to support that density.

The proposed extension of Mud Springs Road to 260 is overwhelmingly opposed by the residents on Phoenix Street. The letter states that this would be "an important artery for emergency services." Which is a questionable premise considering that the closest fire station, hospital and the police station are not located near that area on 260.

You only have to look at a map to see that Phoenix Street would become an attractive bypass for non-local drivers. The local businessmen have prevented a town bypass all these years, so why should our neighborhood be penalized with all the unpleasantness associated with heavy traffic. And I wonder how many of you would like to have such a bypass in your neighborhood.

Denigration of the opposition and misrepresentation of facts is the current norm in politics, which is a repulsive tactic.

L. Detweiler

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