Residents Concerned About Mud Springs



Morris Brown wrote a compelling letter in your Jan. 29 edition in which he said there will be "unintended negative consequences" if more study and engineeringare not part of the final solution, regarding the proposed Mud Springs Road extension project.

We homeowners do not want our neighborhood to become a bypass for highway traffic seeking to avoid downtown Payson; so we agree with the need for more study and engineering. Although it is late in the process, we, residents, are grateful the Town Council voted on Jan. 10 to send the proposed extension of Mud Springs Road and roundabout intersection back to the STAC committee for further study.

The majority vote of the council assured us that the Surface Transportation Advisory Committee would take a thoroughlook at all aspects of this project and that we would be allowed the opportunity for community forums and input in the process and final solution.

am sorry to hear that one of the councilmen has now put the design contract for the roundabout intersectionback on the agenda for the Feb. 7 council meeting.

In so doing, he is trying to rush through the construction of the roundabout intersection at Route 260, which is a huge part of the total proposal,prior to any further engineeringstudy and prior to our public input meetings, the first of which is scheduled for Feb. 19 at Frontier Elementary School.

I have to wonder why anything like this would be done which clearly undermines the faith of the residents,who were promised by the majority vote of their Town council,input and involvement in the solution process?

Why is one councilman ignoring the will of the majority vote of his fellow councilpersons?If the roundabout contract is brought to a vote prior to our public meetings and prior to further engineering study, it will only add more of those "unintentional negative consequences" Mr. Brown so clearly expressed;and it will send a message that citizens cannot believe anything their town government tells them.

We have a right to expect the full town council to uphold the vote of the majority.I am hopeful this agenda item will be removed prior to the meeting on Feb. 7.

Let's first have our meetings, do the engineeringand find a solution we all can live with.

Carolyn Baltz

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