Shocked At High Gas Bills



Regarding the current high gas bills letter from Sally and Don Culwell, I, too, was shocked when I opened the current gas bill. Reviewing the bill, I noticed that it was for 39 days of service, 9 days longer than the bill of a year ago, which covered a normal 30 days period.

This alone would cause an increase in the bill by 30 percent.

Questioning a clerk at SemStream about the 39 days billing, rather than a normal 30 days period, I was told that this was caused by the holidays. Were the SemStream technicians on vacation for nine days during the holidays, causing the company to delay reading the gas meters for nine days? If true, in order to lessen the effect of the 39 days reading on many of the residents on limited fixed income, the company could have billed customers 77 percent (30 days) of the reading and allocated the remaining 23 percent (9 days) over the following three months.

Al Campeas

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