Those Who Favor K2 Project Need To Speak Out



There has been much discussion, argument, and distortion it appearselated the Pine Water Co.'s proposed well development at the K-2 site in Strawberry, leading to the proposed recall of four Pine-Strawberry Water District board members.
Regardless of what residents think of the water company, putting personal interests aside, the single and most important fact is that Pine and Strawberry must find a new source of water very soon.

The deep well proposal at the K-2 site is fairly simple, straightforward, and likely to succeed. But there are a small number of community adversaries who are attempting to stand in the way of making any water progress.

The majority of Pine and Strawberry residents who favor the K-2 project need to speak out now so that Brooke Utilities (Pine Water Company)ayove ahead this year. The correct legal process shouldollowed as well- the Pine-Strawberry water district board's unanimous vote in favor of the K-2 project should be honored, permitting Brooke and the water company to move immediately ahead with the K-2 project.

Gerald Reynolds

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