‘Cooking With Kids' Coming To Library


Move over, Emeril -- "Cooking With Kids" is coming to the Library. Mark your calendar, March 12 is the big day when young Payson chefs will get to experience the "hands-on fun" of cooking. Classes will be age specific and advance sign-up is required.

"Sesame Street -- C is for Cooking" by Susan McQuillan has more than 50 recipes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. The gang from Sesame Street introduces the recipes and shares food facts, letter and number activities and other cooking fun.

All recipes include one or more kids' steps to get children involved in cooking. The illustrations, recipes and interaction with the Sesame Street characters is bold and inviting.

"Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook" by Dr. Seuss -- Award winning cookbook author Georgeanne Brennan and photographer Frankie Frankeny have joined together to whip up the very first cookbook inspired by the book "Green Eggs and Ham."

There are over 40 rib-tickling recipes for breakfast, beverages, snacks, dinner, dessert and much more.

A taste test indeed,xperience the "Pink Yink Ink Drink," savor "Fritz Fed Fred Food Feast." To die for is "Jed's Bed of Shrimp."

So tie on your aprons and prepare your palates for there is enough wild and wacky fare to make a Grinch sit down to feast with a whole hall of Who's.

"Pillsbury Kids Cookbook -- Food Fun for Boys and Girls." Cooking is really child's play. Bunny Rabbit pancakes? Hot Diggity Dog Pizza Boats? Now you can make them all.

This fun and friendly cookbook is bursting with great eats everyone will love, plus all the basic how-to's and tips every young cook needs.

So open the book and discover "Rise and Shine Breakfasts," festive party foods, including Halloween afternoon tea and slumber parties. How about a "Frozen Brownie Sundae" for dessert? Tools you need are listed for each recipe, adult helper icons give safety information and much more.

"Emeril's There's a Chef in My Family -- Recipes to Get Everyone Cooking" by Emeril Lagasse.

Chef Emeril includes recipes for every meal of the day plus snacks, holiday meals and party treats.

Sunday breakfast will never be the same once your family tries "Ooey Gooey Blueberry French Toast." Pizzary Pizza Sandwiches are an after-school snack any day of the week. These 76 recipes have been specially chosen by Chef Emeril to include steps for every family member, from small hands to big ones.

Everyone knows that the best place to get a family together is in the kitchen. And when you are cooking together, every meal is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

A Taste of Rim Country

Don't forget to come buy your tickets for "A Taste of Rim Country" on sale now at the Library. Thirty dollars buys you a wonderful evening of wine andors d'oeuvres prepared byim Country's finest chefs. There will be music, 50-50 raffle, silent auction items and much more.

Event: A Taste of Rim Country

Date: Saturday, Feb. 23

Time:5 - 7 p.m.

Cost:$30 per ticket; $15 is tax-deductible

Place: Payson Public Library, 328 N. McLane Road

Come join us in a common cause. Funds will go towards the building expansion. Thank you in advance for your loyalty and support.

And now, Miss Emily Arnold will share her thoughts on the first book in a trilogy which is on the Young Adult Best Seller List and being read by many.


by Emily Arnold

Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

"Twilight" is an amazing romance/horror adventure. It is a wonderfully well written book, and "Twilight," along with the next two books in the series, have become some of my favorite books ever.

It starts out when Bella, a Phoenix high school student, goes to live with her dad in Forks, Washington. On her first day at the tiny high school in Forks, she notices a pale, bronze-haired boy and his equally pale and attractive family. Bella knows that they are very different from everyone else: first of all, they are unnaturally beautiful with their pale faces and strange topaz-colored eyes. They are also so graceful that they seem to just float everywhere.

After a while, Bella starts to realize she is becoming very attracted to the bronze-haired boy, whose name is Edward Cullen.

Bella eventually discovers that the pale Edward and his family are vampires. This terrifies her at first, but she finds she is strangely still attracted to Edward.

What is even odder, is that in contrast to what all the other boys at school seem to think, Edward loathes her. In classes where he is seated close to her, he sits perfectly still, like a pale marble statue. And when she moves or even tries to talk to him, he leans as far away from her as possible, scowling the whole time, his eyes black with hate.

Bella is confused and hurt. Why does he hate her so much? And why is she still drawn to him? If you want to know the rest, you'll have to get to the library and read it, because I'm not telling you any more. But Stephenie Meyer is way better at telling this captivating story than I am. So go read it.

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