Council Members Should Be Able To Make Own Appointments


Payson council members are not happy with the way appointments are made to town committees, commissions and task forces. From the phone calls we have received, neither are some of the town's residents.

Several Roundup readers said the town council is elected to represent a broad spectrum of people in Payson and appointments to the town's organizations should come from all the elected representatives, not just one, and be approved by the town council.

That way, the commissions, committees and task forces that screen issues and make recommendations to the council as a whole, would have broad representation.

These town commissions are critical to the workings of the town. The planning and zoning, design committee, the surface and transportation committee, along with parks and recreation and so many more, help define the Town of Payson and craft proposals that the town council will shape into policy.

The solution -- change the way the town's appointments are made. Ordinances were created by a town council and they can be changed by a town council.

The council has the means and power to change the process. The current method of giving the town's mayor the appointment authority with approval by the council is in an ordinance, which is changeable.

For instance, many communities share the appointment authority amongst all of the council.

Each council member, including the mayor, gets one or two appointments to each town commission, committee or task force, depending on the size of the group.

This would allow each town councilor a direct contact with all of the town's committees.

Voters elect the mayor and town council with an at-large vote. No one runs by district, so why give all the appointment power to one person? It should be shared by all of the town's elected officials.

The town's elected officials are supported by different voters. Sharing the appointment power would give all aspects representation on various town subcommittees and broaden support for various projects throughout the town.

The sub-council groups should be a reflection of the elected town council, and changing the town's ordinances to spread out the appointment process would ensure a broader level of representation.

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